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New version of " Dragon" is Hunan TV hit , Jin Yong , " sometimes gentle, pleasant , and sometimes weird ," the Arjuna and " unruly female brutal " Azi by the JIA Qing one played . Whether Qiao Feng and Arjuna tear sadomasochistic , or Azi people "ugly cry" of " poisoning makeup" for JIA Qing is necessarily representative of the actors resume .
Recently, the Golden Eagle Network reporter Jia Qing accepted an exclusive interview , admitted that the audience loved Arjuna that she does not fear for Azi shape tucao , admission inner man , she began to want to play Azi gradually fell in love with Arjuna , " a large gap between Arjuna and myself , and never dared to touch such roles, but we say comfortable and natural , this is my greatest achievement . " Qiao Feng and Arjuna Xianglian same fate , it seems that the JIA Qing a " natural fit " and look forward to experiencing reality "Such big brother Joe ."
Talking about "New Dragon"
Unfortunately, the biggest gain has played Arjuna
And the recent remake of Jin Yong's classic , like the new version of "Dragon" from filming to broadcast all the way controversial , in the shape of Tucao about JIA Qing version Azi "poisoned makeup" is referred to as the "most could not bear to look ," Fortunately JIA Qing also played Arjuna . Compared Azi is tucao , JIA Qing edition fresh and elegant without losing the aura of Arjuna Arjuna loved by the audience , posing as his father Arjuna Duanzheng Chun Qiao Feng beat to death before being staged drama , many fans shouting " dismay " " dare let Arjuna resurrection ." interview, JIA Qing said Arjuna such " a collection of traditional virtues ," the woman is afraid to touch their most roles , " too much contrast with their own , for fear of the audience watching the contrary and feeling . " Like many actors might want to take a more prominent role in some personality , Jia Qing Arjuna after they played with emotion ," Arjuna had the honor to play . "
Golden Eagle Network: one played Arjuna Azi , the process of shooting is what state ?
Jia Qing: two men in a drama scenes frequently , often in conjunction with the first shot the day after Arjuna shot Azi , there may be twenty days to shoot Arjuna , twenty days to shoot Azi .
Golden Eagle Network: shoot the same day , then there will split feeling?
JIA Qing : sometimes quite out of play , play area , they might suddenly be inseparable .
Golden Eagle Network: Arjuna Azi is a classic Jin Yong , there are multiple versions of the previous screen image, you take these two roles when there is pressure?
JIA Qing : previous versions have seen the remake , then everyone will get the previous version to compare , to see that we can not accept new things. Some controversy is because we did not see , probably in the comments , which for us is not fair play , and we could not really see what is different with this play before us .
Golden Eagle Network: Arjuna seems to be zero negative feedback, Azi tucao more, especially in the poisoning makeup.
JIA Qing : I started particularly want to play Azi , Arjuna is not my first wanted to play the role , and now I find Arjuna is my best role should pick up , Arjuna collection of Chinese traditional virtues of women roles, so many boys like girls , if I only played Azi , it may be fear of being tucao .
Golden Eagle Network: Actually , whether praise or controversy , for the actors to be able to play these two roles should be no general significance .
JIA Qing : significant, I am the kind of character is more lively , I never wanted to do not dare to touch such a role , I feel too warm, I would choose to go relatively strong personality , and the biggest harvest I play this role , everyone said it was true nature, said Jia Qing is like this . Because, as an actor, to play a big contrast with their roles, others worry that looked uncomfortable, but we feel no sense of violation and therefore should feel pretty successful .
Golden Eagle Network: will regret it somewhere?
JIA Qing : We see more carefully , including makeup , ah, ah shape our own to see when it is clear that if that time is not so cold, I would not eat so fat ah, every game will have regrets friends.
Golden Eagle Network: You will notice that tucao it?
JIA Qing : I'm actually quite concerned about, after all, play is a classic in our hearts , if we feel bad , then his heart will be a bit uncomfortable .
    Talk about cooperation
Wallace tacit cooperation with the reality of expectations brother Joe
Although the new version of " Dragon" from shooting on tucao constantly have drama critic also said that , in addition to modeling and casting aspects tucao , the show 's production and packaging is clearly not directed at " Ray drama" go, indeed determined wants new martial arts . And idol Wallace also proved to be acting again , this version of serrucho eyes are drama, Qiao Feng and Arjuna touching love is real impressed many viewers , played by Jia Qing frankly expect Arjuna brother Joe met in real life .
Golden Eagle Network: feeling cooperate with Wallace how?
JIA Qing : We had just prior to cooperate , I was also looking forward horizon moon knife , that there is no cooperation to feel very sorry , he is especially dedicated people , into the studio is fully into the role , never look at your phone.
Golden Eagle Network : The play of feeling?
Jia Qing: I think you see it ( think there is a spark ) That's right , he gave me , and I accepted, so in order to impress the audience , to make the audience feel the spark is right ? . In fact, never use to communicate privately beginning unfamiliar, later became instantly have a tacit understanding .
Golden Eagle Network: Qiao Feng and Arjuna sadomasochistic tear , making the process also has child heart feelings?
Jia Qing: I read the script to see Arjuna dead , Azi holding serrucho jumping those two play particularly uncomfortable , these two plays are very important play , requiring the director needed is this two looks more impressive , so took a lot of times, Arjuna shot that scene died a week ; later Azi holding serrucho jumping the period , will be designed Azi eyes suddenly not blind, let us jump in fantasy Cliff process resumed , because it is really so sad , this scene also took a lot of times.
Golden Eagle Network: Qiao Feng and Jin Yong Arjuna 's feelings is a relatively extreme , Arjuna turning back on Qiao Feng , Qiao Feng Arjuna Chiai for life, and into the reality of such feelings you agree?
JIA Qing : I agree , met the right people , when really , do not give up, Arjuna and Qiao Feng encounter, they are the same fate Xiang Lian , is a natural fit , Qiao Feng in the eyes of Arjuna indomitable spirit , have played big hero. If you encounter such a person , you can give up everything to pay.
Golden Eagle Network: the right person appear?
JIA Qing : Can encountered such a brother Joe in this world , which is actually quite looking forward to the real thing .
Golden Eagle Network: What type of guy most attractive to you, serrucho this ?
JIA Qing : If you put a child would choose Duan Yu , now would choose Qiao Feng , the man has the responsibility to have to play the most attractive. Takeshi Kaneshiro before will think it is such a big guy , now I feel a good man must have a sense of responsibility standard , I used to think there might be two people can talk to, now I feel really able to accompany you, hello people , you as the only life , so people really not easy.
Talk about acting
Do not like to repeat the role expectations to be recognized is acting camp
Draft singing debut , had signed singer , and claims that " singing did not sound " after the decisive fought film and television, everything from scratch. Has starred in " Depraved Brothers ' " Behind the gentle , " " Ghost Story "and other plays , 2013 ushered in the works outbreak , " Deer " ," robbery in the robbery " of concern in several television series " Dragon "and to image of different roles for the audience favorite. Jia Qing told reporters that in 2013 took six plays a year , did not let himself retired and sit , and she will be a different type of role to challenge , hoping to prove that they are not acting with the vase .
Golden Eagle Network: the last " robbery in the robbery ," exposure stills you wearing cheongsam , we feel pretty amazing.
JIA Qing : This is my first attempt , for the first time wearing a dress , this role is the surface scenery, smooth and slick socialite , but inner strength to forbear .
Golden Eagle Network: Last year several plays are not feeling sense when selecting a script will deliberately avoid the same type it?
JIA Qing : I do not like to repeat that , for example, I played the quiet , I do not want to play this next time , I want to try different performances to the audience a different way, so myself and the audience will have an expected value , I hope the audience that is acting camp Jia Qing vase is short-lived, too much beauty in this industry , and allows the audience to remember is that there is strength .
Golden Eagle Network: works outbreak last year trend , the young actors are doing the model workers do ?
JIA Qing : 2013 took six plays, really tired , in the accumulation of acting, I hope the audience can see a different Jia Qing .
Golden Eagle Network: Which filming the drama now feel the greatest impact on their own ?
JIA Qing : I now think it is Arjuna , I really do not think so take the time , do not shoot until not so much feeling, I think we can be very pleased to accept the things that I say thank you to guide him back to Lai I have this role, I began to want to play Azi , because too much contrast , we do not feel afraid , is the director said both play .
Golden Eagle Network: What recent drama in the film ?
JIA Qing : " dart door," I play a woman bandit , also sadomasochistic , with Wallace played bodyguard , two of the world 's people met together in love, this girl distinctive, immediately after I saw the script , said to be connected .
Golden Eagle Network: What New Year's wishes ?
JIA Qing : 2014 Do not let yourself so tired . Shoot a scene can be broadcast to give the audience favorite , hoping to find Mr. Right .
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