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Source: Zhejiang Daily reporter Wu Mengjie

  2013 , in Beijing , Shanghai , Hangzhou, Hengdian , in the studio , conferences, seminars, awards ceremony, seeing the high frequency Television general manager of Zhejiang Hua Zhao Yi Fang's policy . Looked far , almost every time a dark suit with a bright scarf, sometimes made ​​laugh Yan Yan , graceful , sometimes looking down in a quiet corner of the phone . Until there is a different car from Shanghai back to Hangzhou , near the " voyeur ", the original look of the policy is China 's stock .

2013 , have written a lot of reports about China policy . Not eccentric , but because it's " fast " , quite the cultural industry leader in style and grace : the beginning of the acquisition of the brokerage firm where Haining China , established palm dynamic technology , the acquisition was to big reorganization Hatton media , and soon shares before the World culture , co- Runde Church , 2013 can be described as China policy " integrated entertainment media group " Layout years . This year in September , hit a historic peak Huace : the market value of 23 billion yuan breakthrough , crowned " the most potential Forbes China Top 100 Listed Companies List" , ranked first in China's media industry.

In addition to flexible layout in the capital and industry, there are many Chinese policy "news" : the establishment of a special film fund training senior personnel , the establishment of industrial research institutes, industry forums and actively undertake promotion embodies a leading enterprise in the play and film responsibility.

In its core business - the creation of film and television production, this year, the Chinese policy further breakthrough ideas formed, branding, international distribution . Three fine drama series "Dragon" " Kingdom of Heaven " , " Han Yin guard sub-husband ," etc. bilingual creation, global marketing ; Online Huace official flagship store , open a window layout Internet field ; Meanwhile, China ( Zhejiang ) film and television industry for international cooperation experimental zones from Hangzhou , Haining , Huace tripartite construction officially started dubbing video products import and export industrial park cooperation projects Huace produced two TV series , " Chinese past" and " Symphony of Destiny " has been translated into Romanian local television broadcast ......

At this moment, look back to 2013 traces the development of cultural industries in Zhejiang , China once again become our policy , " the study sample ." Specifically about the interview Huace Creative Industry Park in Hangzhou Xixi Eastern "home base" - to experience the nurturing "example" fertile soil , but also look at the " good story " Those on the small screen to the big screen , here is how found to be described .

This is the time to work collared Capitol , Zhao Yi Fang just off the wave of reporters , her own table with thick foam insulation cup of tea, an hour later , a film and television conference call partner to open .

In the haste and fatigue can ask the state to " feed " it? Looking at the hands of the interview outline hesitation, she smiled and sat down opposite : . " Later than the agreed time, I'm sorry, you first talk about this topic , and I try to match " - front door and whispered " Zhao always energetic superwoman , "the staff laugh , but also think of a Fang Zhao has been evaluated in accordance with industry cooperation to her : " At the mention of TV drama , her eyes would light up , his mind is always endless stream of ideas . "

Zhao Yi Fang said he was "cultural Zhejiang ": " People often say that people who make television special retreat , the opening is the story and dreams , but I think this is a ' beautiful business ' worth hard to do ."

Such enthusiasm, support change of clothes she took a few decades ago came from Dongyang Hangzhou Moganshan road in a small hotel room rented two standard run from the television companies, but also the support from her on the stock market . " ignorant " to three years ago to allow Huace appear on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will roll on the big screen , a" drama first unit . " This persistent and serious , not a " virtual" .

Compared show business bigwigs inside , Zhao Yi Fang appeared in many low-key, but a conference on December 1, 2013 , and her speech a little excited . This time , standing beside her partner , is just turned 30 years old , with a debut " small time" among the " billion club at the box office ," the GJM . The Film Museum in Shanghai at the conference have a cool name , " blast from the future ."

For China policy ambitions in the movie , Zhao Yi Fang said bluntly : "We are hoping to work GJM and its brands , the domestic film market into two areas almost empty - Youth Department of films and science fiction movies , try the next five years total box office reached 100 billion yuan . "

5 days after signing with the GJM , Zhao Yi Fang also received good news : Recovery Audit Commission notification application Huace acquisition Hatton media .

For this case the domestic film industry so far the largest amount of M & A transactions in the project , Huace Qian Jin , executive vice president has a clear idea and understanding : "From the angle big data , content and channel depth of integration , the establishment of intelligent TV drama production , industrialization, standardization of production systems, reduce investment risks and production costs, improve quality ratio . " borrowed from the restructuring, Huace will work with the media and its syndicate of Hatton , play cool , good drama and other brands complement each other, forming a " brand forest "effect , annual production capacity will be expanded to 1000 television drama set above , is expected to become the world's largest film and television production and export of Chinese cultural enterprises .

Why Huace favor of Hatton plus ? After listening to the presentation Qian Jin , Zhao Yi Fang aside complements " Kindred Spirits " words : " Hatton Media founder Wu Tao with my friends for many years , all these years what he was doing , what I'm doing very well with each other while young as two cultural enterprises , we pursue and values ​​in the industry also has striking similarities and understanding . "

For the success of today's China policy , she also attributed to the " understanding" : "For 20 years , employees from the early days of single-digit to 40 time of listing , to more than 200 today , we have been focused on the degree of culture has not changed, the attitude of collaborative communication among team has not changed, the pursuit of quality has never stopped. along with the audience , creative mode, change the broadcast platform , 'good' standard is changing, but the ' good' in itself is always right, and it is expensive . to 'good' , we are paying more in finance costs , labor costs and time costs , and are confident to get a great market returns . "

Of course, the "tacit agreement " also includes policies to support the development of cultural industries in Zhejiang unparalleled , government environment , market and economic base rooted in the depths of the earth , blood flowing in Zhejiang cultural genes. "There are a lot of people dream of , but also stick to the key thing ." Zhao Yi Fang said , "I am a native of Zhejiang, China policy is always the main front in Zhejiang ."

This year, Huace continue through endogenous growth and external acquisitions combination of strong " center " bigger " circumference " envy of peers in the industry , but also caused a lot of people wonder: Why China making every layout can always take the pulse of the industry 's prospective ? Language in this high-risk industries cusp , how to maintain the vitality of creation and creativity ? There is also a target of criticism : "The pace is too fast , laying too many points , once restrain , defeat will be very thorough ."

Continue to extend the business model of the smile curve is a prelude to fission . When the outside world is still concerned about the next step to prepare merger Huace who , Zhao Yi Fang and her core team has to look Recycling - With the " short board" culture industry chain is make up a block , how to maximize the use of existing resources better ? How content and channels seamlessly ? "The next ' chemical reaction ', will produce what kind of kinetic energy , bring out the big waves, are unknown. Also, therefore , we are excited ." Jin Qian said.

"Compared with a few years ago , every one of our decisions are more cautious , for a more appropriate organizational structure adjustment , the assessment of risk is also more rational ." According to Fang Zhao seems that with Huace ship " ship " in the body increasing the amount and pattern , which means more people have to be responsible , or that provide a sense of security .

Her office were filled with many awards trophies , there are many exquisite handicrafts , the day I left the deepest impression is the ledge near the corner of the massage chair. Diagonal cushions , blankets not had time to fold neatly - " Superwoman " is also tired of the time.

But Zhao Yi Fang said: "As long as there is an encouragement and recognition , a ' know ' who can make I felt like playing with blood work this wildly beautiful career, to go on , do it, love to go ."

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